Tony's Closin Shop

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Photography from the Road

The Forbo Wall of photo documentation from the summer (and more). (Prints take a long time, mister.)

Daily Rider at Night. feat. The Campfire

Gennaro's Crew


at dawn.

Ian Page.

AWOL in Joshua Tree.

Farmin at RED STAR

Summer's Comin. Triumph.


New Lathe at the Wheel-a-Brator

Lost Times

first year on a motorcycle (for yours truly). these are pics of people loving every minute of whatever they are doing at any given time.

Okay, play the backwards game.

Let's start with the Apocalypse Party at RED STAR

Step 1. Douse

Step 2. Introduce Flame.

Step 3. Play


Like father like son...

Raised on Harley: a tribute to Dave N Dave

Trading Post: PK on DL's Dad's Ride

Red Star, a.k.a. The Goose Farm, (clandestinely, The Institute)...

... Taking Residence: a trading post (DL on Gloria)

The Gang

on a PitStop.

Wrenchin roadside

on the way to Skatopia.

Any kind of cycle, Pittsburgh. Happy Birthday, Dovely.

Hot Weekend

Temperatures hit 60F this weekend. We went sailing around Pittsburgh's suburban outskirts: a complex web of still-leafless spirits trickling upright on a rolling wave of bald earth. what is it about riding on the back of a motorcycle? visions translate physically at high speeds. forgo seeing completely. you have them before you see them. information osmosis. i fly. i feel.

deepest thanks to PJK for vaulting us along while i ingest the canopy of brilliant life which envelops us.

Road Signs

Rough Spot


level out


How does one turn a cyclist's pannier into the ultimate chop/camp saddle slingers?

welding at Red Star from blissy on Vimeo.

Red Star 4-evah

Including other solutions...


Drafting West Virginia some more...

off the highway

Cement Pipes from blissy on Vimeo.


New Sportster in town